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Capital Optics are an independent Glazing Lab able to source any lens product available on the optical market. We are happy to recommend the most suitable lenses for your patients from all the available options.

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Capital Freeform Progressive Lenses

Think about the first time you saw high-definition television. Remember how it made your old analog TV picture seem drab and blurry? High-definition made colours brighter, shapes sharper, and brought everything keenly into focus. Now imagine having the same experience with your eyeglasses. Sure, you can probably see fine with the ones you have, just like watching analog TV was fine when that was all you had.

But what if you could upgrade to high-definition for your eyes?  Introducing Capital Freeform Progressive Lenses, good, better & best!

For more information on the benefits of Capital Freeform Progressive Lenses, please feel free to give us a call on 0131 538 7373

Eyespace Eyewear

Working with Eyespace Eyewear, Capital Optics are able to offer complete price packages on the following frames: Zips Ophthalmic and Cocoa Mint & Land Rover Sunwear.

International Eyewear

Working with International Eyewear, Capital Optics are able to offer a complete price package on the following frames: The OK Frame Company Ophthalmic and Ocean Blue Sunwear.



Our suppliers products are of the highest quality and we are grateful to them for their services provided.  We at Capital Optics then take that quality product and form the perfect article for your eyewear needs.



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